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Shreejee Jewellers

 Shreejee Jewellers is a Diamond Jewellery company based in Kolkata

It was started in the year 1999 as a family enterprise by Mr.Om Prakash Poddar, Mr.Sunil Poddar,

Mr.Sushil Poddar and Mr.Sanjeev Poddar

Diamond trading is our family business since long, and with changing fashion, time and spending habits of people,

it seemed natural to foray into manufacturing of diamond-studded gold jewelry.

With the passage of time both the wholesale and retail have picked up amazingly due to excellent craftsmanship and designs.

Shreejee Jewellers Kolkata

Shreejee Jewellers Kolkata

Beautiful Diamond Pendant Designs

Trust and Transparency

Since in diamond jewellery trust is the most important factor, so we build trust and confidence in consumer.

We give an honest opinion on the quality of diamonds. And we are very transparent in out dealings. That is why

most of the business we get is through word of mouth.

Over the years we have a large customer base  who totally rely on us and we try to maintain that confidence in us.

Shreejee Jewellers Kolkata

Shreejee Jewellers Kolkata

 A Dedicated Team of Highly Trained and Talented Designers

We have in house trained designers. Beautiful Diamond Jewelery is hand-created in our factory

by our artists under the supervision of our in-house designers. Each piece of jewellery goes through

strict quality control measures before going on the counter. It takes about a months time to create a

particular piece of jewellery to perfection. But it takes more than just hard work to make the best jewelry

in market. We make the most sought after designs in our jewellery. It can be easily said about Shreejee Jewellers

that it is the center of attraction in jewellery fashion shows, parties  family and traditional occasions.